Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Episode 8

My first show in the new time slot:

1.“Prologue” Schlong – Punk Side Story
2.“I Feel Pretty” Schlong – Punk Side Story
3.“We Leave Scars” Damages - 7”
4.“Preview of Whats to Come” Nerveskade
5.“Cities Become Ideals” All Through a Life – 7”
6.“Fingerprints”All Through a Life – 7”
7.“The Sound of Children” GSTS – We Still have Principles EP
8.“The Sound of Man” GSTS – We Still Have Principles EP
9.“Hope Lexicon” Raw Nerves – Demo
10.“The Elegant Dance” Raw Nerves - Demo
11.“Take Control” Fear of Tomorrow- Myspace
12.“Our Last Days” Above This City
13.“Blood Oaths” Above This City
14.“Sidekick” Rancid – Let's Go
15.“Salvation” Rancid – Let's Go
16.“Policeman” The Silencers - Give'em the Boot
17.“Bad Town” Operation Ivy – Energy
18.“Freeze Up” Operation Ivy – Energy
19.“Last Train to Expo '67” The Kingpins
20.“Bank Job” The Bone Daddies – Myspace

Don't forget to check out Raw Nerves and more this Friday at the Alf House in Vancouver (see my myspace for more info and for the complete show calender

I'm working on a Christmas episode, although you'll have to wait until December at least.

Monday, November 23, 2009

First Vinyl

Today I received my first vinyl as a DJ; the All Through a Life 7" and Damages "Scars." I'll play songs from both tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


My show is being bumped a time slot to make room for the newest CiVL show "She is Steam Powered" hosted by Lindsay Edwards. My show will now be on at 1 pm on Tuesdays.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Episode 7

Another week, another podcast. Like I promised last week, this one focuses on ska:

1.“Prologue” Schlong - Punk Side Story
2.“Gee, Officer Krupke!” Schlong - Punk Side Story
3.“Walk Like an Egyptian” Against All Authority – Hopelessly Devoted to You
4.“We Won't Submit” Against All Authority – Destroy What Destroys You
5.“Bad News” The Flatliners – Destroy to Create
6.“Mother Teresa Chokeslams the World” The Flatliners – The Great Awake
7.“Surfin in Tofino” Planet Smashers – The Life of the Party
8.“Wish I Were American” Planet Smashers – No Self Control
9.“Don't Wanna Be American” The Heatskores – Smile... Tomorrow Will be Worse
10. “Don't Judge Judy” The Heatskores – Fuck'em All Big or Small
11. “Adiccion, Tradicion, Revolucion” Voodoo Glow Skulls - Adiccion, Tradicion, Revolucion
12. “Mayhem and Murder” Voodoo Glow Skulls - Adiccion, Tradicion, Revolucion
13. “We Represent” Voodoo Glow Skulls - Adiccion, Tradicion, Revolucion
14. “Box” Mustard Plug – Evildoers Beware!
15. “Beer” Mustard Plug – Evildoers Beware!
16. “Let's Go to Work” The Kingpins
17. “Bodybag” Los Furios

Check out my myspace calender (see side bar)for upcoming events.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Episode 6

That's right, episode 6 (10 Nov 2009). I once again went with hardcore, although this time I added some stuff from further east and a couple bands that are still in existence. Also, I didn't realize there was so much Blue Monday until I got to it on my show, but hey, it's a good band. I'll try to get some ska going soon though, maybe the next show, we'll see.

<>I think we need to discuss band t-shirt etiquette, as this came up the other day in the station (bonus marks for anyone who can give me cultural references on this topic). < /random>

Also, sorry that my track listing keeps changing, but that will iron itself out eventually.

Also, I'll start putting up show listings once I have more time.

Also, I made a flier for my show as I needed to do a test plate for my Print Media class (acid etched zinc). A new version of this print will appear in the near future when it's aquatinted. Just look below for the flier.

So, the track listing:

1. “Prologue” Schlong - Punk Side Story
2. “Tonight” Schlong - Punk Side Story
3. “Confession” Blind Witness New EP
4. “Backstreet’s Back Blind Witness- myspac
5. “The Flaws In Self Help” Black Ships – Omens
6. “Pestilence” Black Ships – Omens
7. “Bull Tits” Urinary Tract Infection - myspace
8. “run you through” Blue Monday - Demo
9. “fast times in” Blue Monday - Demo
10. “45 and a shovel” Blue Monday - Demo
11. “Cathedral Square” Blue Monday - Go It Alone/blue Monday
12. “Let it Out” Blue Monday - Rewritten
13. “West Boulevard” Go It Alone - Go It Alone/blue Monday (Split EP)
14. “Statement” Go It Alone - Vancouver Gold
15. “Alone” Keep It Clear - Demo 2007
16. “Take Control” Keep It Clear - Demo 2007
17. “Watch It Crumble” Keep It Clear - Demo 2007
18. “Opalescence.I” The End - Transfer Trachea Reverberations
19. “Opalescence.II” The End - Transfer Trachea Reverberations
20. “It Was Supposed To Get Better” The Killed Spirits - Garage Demos
21. “Watching The City Burn” The Killed Spirits - Garage Demos

Blind Witness tour dates.
Phatty Phatty and the Roaches the 14th of November.
Tanzmitors playing in Vancouver the 15th.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Episode 5

After the Creepshow on Wednesday, I was stuck in a bit of a Celtic Punk groove:

1. Schlong “Prologue”
2. Schlong “America”
3. The Hypnophonics “Back to the Cave”
4. The Hypnophonics “MK Ultra"
5. The Dreadnoughts “Katie, Bar the Door”
6. The Dreadnoughts “Mary the One Eyed Prostitute”
7. The Real McKenzies “Loch Lomond”
8. The Real McKenzies “Farewell to Nova Scotia”
9. Dropkick Murphies “Devil’s Brigade”
10. Dropkick Murphies “Buried Alive”
11. The 3Tards “3tarded”
12. The 3Tards “Stuck on You”
13. Gob “Marching Song”
14. Gob “Soda”
15. Gob “The Other Way”
16. Goldfinger “Mind’s Eye”
17. Goldfinger “Only a Day”
18. Pennywise “Killing Time”
19. Pennywise “I Won’t Have It”
20. The Flatliners “There’s a Problem”
21. The Flatliners “Macoretta Boozer”

For more information on MK Ultra, check out the wikipedia. Don't forget the Mad Caddies show.