Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Episode 4

Oi, the Just Noise Halloween special is out here. In this show, I start off by playing a little hardcore from the Creeper and GSTS show mentioned in the last post. I then kick off with psychobilly with a halloween theme:

1. "Prologue" Schlong
2. "Maria" Schlong
3. "Signed Sheets" GSTS
4. "Drones" Creeper
5. "The Sermon" The Creepshow
6. "Creatures of the Night" The Creepshow
7. "Zombies Ate Her Brain" The Creepshow
8. "Dearly Departed" The Creepshow
9. "You're Dead" The Brains
10. "Darkness" The Brains
11. "Bones" The Brains
12. "My Undead Bride" The Matadors
13. "She Calls out the Devil's Name" The Matador
14. "Rumble" The Deadcats
15. "Nocturnal Hearts" Rock'n Rebels
16. "Track 02" Raised by Wolves
17. "Vampire Girl" Devil's Brigade
18. "Room 209" The Gutterdemons
19. "Psychorama" The Gutterdemons

Don't forget to check out The Creepshow this Wednesday at the Red Room and here.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Episode: 20th Oct 2009

Mainly juvenile punk rock from the 90s with:

1. " Prologue" Schlong
2. "Dance at the Gym" Schlong
3. "March" DBS
4. "Perspective" DBS
5. "I was a High School Psychopath" Schreeching Weasel
6. "Jeannie's Got a Problem with Her Uterus" Schreeching Weasel
7. "Fathead" Schreeching Weasel
8. "My Bloody Chariot" Spaceblood
9. "Spaceblood" Spaceblood
10. "That's Love" Guttermouth
11. "Chugga Lug Night" Guttermouth
12. "Blatz to the Future" Blatz
13. "Hate" Filth
14. "Brannigan" Creeper
15. " Beavers Mate for Life" GSTS
16. "All or Nothing" Submission Hold
17. "Blue Light Special" Submission Hold
18. "Our Mistakes" Go it Alone

Don't forget Creeper (from Toronto) with GSTS playing at the Fun House in Abbotsford on the 23rd of October.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Show


I'd be the new show host on CiVL Radio with, as the title of my blog would suggest, Just Noise. You can go to CiVL and see my show preview here Just Noise

For my first show on 06 Oct 2009, I started off with the first two songs from Schlong's "Punkside Story," after which I moved into some Canadian content with DOA. I then meandered into some ska with Against All Authority, Operation Ivy and The Heatskores. I then went into some circa 2005 local hardcore with Revenge, Blue Monday, Margaret Thrasher and Chuck Norris.

For my next show, I started of with some more Schlong and The Vandals (Power Mustache and Ape Shall Never Kill Ape). I focused on Propagandhi and Fat Wreck Chords with this , as Propagandhi are playing in Vancouver at the end of this month. As part of the history of Fat Wreck Chords, I played a couple of songs from their first two compilations. I finished with The Rebel Spell.