Thursday, February 4, 2010

ach.. i'm falling behind

whatever, here's last tuesday's playlist. also, don't forget the rebel spell at the fun house.

1. Bodybag Los Furios Stand Tall Walk Proud
2. Anchor Los Furios Stand Tall Walk Proud

3. Small Towns Cambridge A Growing Chorus Against...
4. You Don't Belong Here Cambridge A Growing Chorus Against...
5. CIVL ID 3 - Short CiVL CiVL ID
6. Unifem "Say No To Violence" Nicole Kidman CiVL PSA

7. Expression In Laymens Terms The Rebel Spell Expression In Laymen's Terms
8. Is It Enough The Rebel Spell Expression In Laymen's Terms
9. JustNoiseStationID-Feedback CiVL CiVL ID
10. Blood Donatations (grocery) P Canadian Blood Services CiVL PSA

11. North Berkeley Downfall
12. Long Way To Go (Previously Unreleased) Downfall
13. Feb 06 Rebel Spell Dan Mack CiVL Promo
14. Vinyl Spinner Show Promo - 1 CiVL CiVL Show Promo

15. CID UK Subs The Singles 1978-1982
16. Barbie's Dead UK Subs Brand New Age
17. Feb 13 Skanking Valentines Dan Mack CiVL Promo
18. JazzPlus Promo CiVL CiVL Show Promo

19. Policeman Silencers Give 'Em the Boot
20. Stalingrad Devils Brigade Devils Brigade
21. Vampire Girl Devils Brigade Devils Brigade

22. Firewall Common Rider Jesse Michaels This Is Unity Music
23. Blackbirds vs. Crows Common Rider This Is Unity Music

24. The Future Is A War Auntie Christ Life Could Be A Dream
25. Lost Again Dance Hall Crashers Honey, I'm Homely!
26. Six Foot Five Lars Frederiksen

Monday, January 25, 2010

What's Up

Um.. I've been pretty lazy with putting up track listings. Let me know if you want them for any specific show.

Tomorrow, my show will be operation ivy and rancid themed, with the feb 1 show dealing with the various side projects.

Monday, January 4, 2010


almost a hundred songs packed into an hour. listen at 1300 on Tuesdays at